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Flexible Pipe Products


Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe

Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe products are targeted a wide range of applications including:

  • Onshore land applications
  • Shallow water applications offshore and lakes
  • Downstream utilities - water, potable water and gas
  • Mining
  • Chemical transport

Flexible, light weight and easy to install/ retrieve, other key properties include:

  • Low friction losses
  • Chemically resistant to H2S and CO2
  • Design life of 20 years, with minimal maintenance
  • Ultra violet inhibitor prevents degradation of the polymer shield


Unbonded Flexible Pipe Products for Static Flowline and Dynamic Riser Applications

Comprised of a multi-layer structure of helically wound metallic wires and tapes and extruded thermoplastics, Wellstream's unbonded flexible pipe systems are individually tailored to meet the specific requirements of each customer, based on conveyed fluid composition, pressure, temperature, water depth, service conditions and application. System development involves riser and flowline configuration design, interface engineering, design verification and supply of the ancillary equipment (bend stiffeners, restrictors, buoyancy, clamps and flanges).

During the last 10 years, over 430 Wellstream product lines have entered service. The total length of these lines is over 1,200km and 17% were installed in water depths over 1,000m.

Roughbore Flexible Pipe and Smoothbore Flexible Pipe

Suited to riser and flowline applications. Manufacturing capability ranges from 2-inch ID to 24-inch OD with reel and carousel based manufacturing capability. Smoothbore designs are particularly suited to water injection service, for applications involving chemicals, hydraulic fluids, and highly corrosive media.


Deepwater Flexible Pipe Systems

For total field development scenarios to include: risers, flowlines, offloading lines and export lines.


Onshore Tiebacks

Focused on providing fit for purpose products to meet the infrastructure led cost challenges of economic field development, through the targeted optimisation of pipe structures, materials and end fittings. Suited to both onshore and subsea tieback applications.


High Pressure Hoses

To provide a high pressure conduit for Early Well Tests (EWT) and Well Stimulation Activities. All products are qualified to API RP17B, and protected by an external stainless steel abrasion and impact layer. Current qualified products to 15,000psi include 3-inch to 5-inch ID.