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Oil & Gas Production

Amine Plants

Refrigeration Plants

Dehydration Units

Gas Compressors



Well Testing




Drilling Waste Management Equipment

         Waste Water Treatment Equipment and Chemicals

         Waste Water Testing Equipment

         Sampling Equipment

         Solid Control Equipment

         Samples Drilling Equipment


Produced Water Treatment

         Waste Water Treatment Equipment and Chemicals

         Deep Hoe Injection

         Systems and Pressure Control Equipment


Spill Equipment

         Oil Skimmers

         Oil Dukes and Booms

         Oil & Water Separators

         Steamers and Washers

         Portable Equipment

         Absorbent Products

         Chemical Amendments


De-odorization Spill Equipment

         Neutralization Chemicals

         Ammonia and Sour Gas Removal Equipment


Monitoring Equipment

         Air Monitoring Equipment

         Personal Safety Gas Monitors

         Automatic Waste Water and Gas Monitors


Laboratory Testing Equipment

         Mobile Laboratory Equipment

         Stationary Laboratory Testing Equipment

         Organic, Trace Metals and Salinity Package


Oil Field Wastes

         Wastes Processing and Recovery

         High Pressure Washer

         Wastes Separators



         Land-farming Equipment

         Monitoring Equipment and Program