Our JV partner, a large national modular fabrication and assembly facility.

Total Shop Building Area: 105,000 sq. meters  with overhead crane access.

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  • DIN18800-7 (EN1090),
    CE (per product), etc.
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BALL MILL (overflow type)



Specializing in the production of ball mill equipment manufacturer, ball mill by feeding, discharging, rotary part, transmission part (reducer, big, small driving gear, electric motor, electric control) of main parts, such as inlet and discharge end cover adopts steel, lining removable, rotary wheel adopts gear hobbing machining, casting cylinder body with wear resistant lining board, has a good wear resistance.


Grate ball mill material composed of feeding device through the end cover screw evenly into the mill first warehouse, the warehouse has ladder plate or corrugated plate, built in different specifications of steel ball, cylinder rotation will generate centrifugal force after the ball to a certain height, and grinding effect for the material, material in the first warehouse after reaching coarse grinding, the storehouse board into the second warehouse, the warehouse with a flat plate, inside the steel ball, will further grinding materials, powder through the discharge grate plate, finish grinding homework.   Ball mill is the material being broken, and then to smash the key equipment, widely used in all kinds of ores and other materials may be grinding of dry or wet grinding. My company to provide you with: wet grate ball mill, the overflow type ball mill, dry grate ball mill, dry wet rod mill, ball mill, ball mill equipment.


Advanced sealing technology, to ensure good working environment.  The use of advanced design ensures safe and reliable mill operations.   Mature and strict processing and detection means to ensure the quality and accuracy.  With a strong brand manufacturers at home and abroad to ensure the quality of the machine running.   Grinding machine is equipped with a complete turning, jacking device and tool installation and maintenance, all based on requirement of the user.



Pellet Rotary Kiln for curing the pellets discharged from the end of the chain grate.  It is one of the main equipment in the metallurgical pellet project is supporting the use with the GRATE ring cold machine, used for curing the pellets discharged from the end of the chain grate ~ 850 .   A high-temperature baking operations.

Work by the kiln inlet chute hot pellets enter the cylinder body.  With the swing of the cylinder, a rotary kiln installation axis tilt angle of 4.25%, so that the cylinder to the center of the discharge port and the discharge port the difference in height, the cylinder body of the hot pellets along the roll in the circumferential direction at the same time, in the axially forward under the action of the gravity force component. The hot pellets after 25 ~ 35min repeatedly rolling forward and blown hot air under complete the hot pellets curing process.

We currently manufacturing pellet rotary kiln the specifications from 2.5 to 6.96m Φ, length from 15m to 52m long.

Advanced Technical Features:


       Advanced international scales, labyrinth combinations seal, the air leakage rate lower, higher production efficiency, reduce energy consumption.


       Imported hydraulic motor as a power unit, high reliability and trouble-free work long hours, and achieve variable speed and low-speed stability and starting torque can frequently full load start, no impact on the grid.


       Split large gear made ​​of high strength, and improve the quality of gear casting, super finishing; using high-quality materials to improve the wear resistance, and easy to install, fast, and simple maintenance, easy to transport.


       Wireless temperature measurement system combines linear tube sweep system, real-time detection of non-contact surface temperature of rotary kiln shell. Capable of wireless detection of barrel actual temperature.


       Centralized intelligent lubrication system, centralized control jet lubrication, gear wheel hydraulic stations, dry oil lubrication station, make the operation more convenient and easier to maintain.


Using advanced processing technology, advanced finite element analysis of the key pieces of optimal design and uses a proprietary manufacturing process. Improve the use of strength and life of critical components.



Our partner, Sichuan Mining Group, produces a series of calcinations, soda cooling furnace and auxiliary equipment from 1.1m to 3.2m φ. 


We are a professional manufacturer of equipment design, manufacture one or two types of pressure vessel manufacturing qualification, chemical and non-standard equipment for more than thirty years of history. Mainly to provide: separation vessel, reaction vessel, heat exchanger, storage containers and other kinds of non-standard pressure vessel. At the same time as the domestic compound fertilizer, soda, methanol, titanium dioxide; aerated concrete industry and strontium, barium, sodium, potassium, silicon, aluminum and other inorganic salt industry with the host equipment and complete sets of equipment.  

Our products are exported to Indonesia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and other countries in the world.

Mining Equipment


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